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Strategic Geographical Focus

# North America: especially USA & Canada


# Europe: UK, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Georgia,  Portugal, Spain, Italy Croatia, Cyprus


# Asia-Pacific: Especially Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, S.Korea & Japan


# Middle East and Africa: Especially UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya


# Latin America & Caribbean: Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Jamaica and Bahamas


George YAP Koi Ming, ESQ. 


Founder, Chairman & CEO 


Mr Yap is a Fellow Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Georg Yap Bio

George Yap Biography

Mr. Yap is a Fellow Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. His financial planning qualifications include:

  • ADFS(FP) - Advanced  Diploma in Services, Financial Planning

  • DFS(FP) - Diploma in  Financial Services, Financial Planning

  • DFS(MFB) - Diploma in  Financial Services, Mortgage Finance Broking

Mr. George Yap Koi Ming is recognised as a Financial Expert by the US SEC, and therefore qualified to act as Non-Executive and Independent Chairman of an Audit Committee, and as Finance Director and/or Chief Financial Officer.


US Senior Executive Position

Mr Yap was Founder, Shareholder and Executive Director - CFO of Canna Global Acquisition Corp LLC, a NASDAQ SPAC, that raised USD 230 Million to fund the acquisition of Target (2021-2022)

US-China-Hong Kong- Norway-Sweden Position

Mr Yap was Non-Executive Director and Audit committee Chairman of Sino Agro Food Inc, an OTC and Oslo Bors - Merkur, Norway (2012-2017)

Australian Senior Executive Positions

Mr. Yap, was Executive Assistant to Executive Committee and simultaneous Head of 3 Departments, namely Head of Banking - Capital, Head of Banking - Finance & Head of Risk Management at Credit Suisse First Boston (1990-92)

Mr Yap was Executive Director of Pacific Matrix Limited that was relisted on the ASX with reverse merger of Malaysian business valued at AUD 300M with minimum escrow provisions via Deed of Mutual Release with Creditors (1997-1999).

Mr. Yap was Contractor CFO at Australia Commonwealth Department of Finance, Property and Corporate Services Divisions that included Australia's embassies worldwide & Australia Parliament's Annual Budgets (1999-2001).

Mr. Yap was Contractor Managing Principal by Deloitte regarding the Balance Sheet audit of Child Support Agency Divestment by the Australia Taxation Office (1991) to become a statutory body.

Malaysian Senior Executive Positions

Mr. Yap was approved by Securities Commissioner, Malaysia to serve as nominated P
ublic Interest Director of The Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FIMM). FIMM functions in a dual capacity: as a self-regulatory organisation (SRO), and as an industry representative advocating the development and growth of the Unit Trust Scheme (UTS) and Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) industry. Additionally, FIMM is responsible for enhancing the professional standards of UTS Consultants and PRS Consultants to safeguard the increasingly sophisticated needs and interests of investors as well as maintain public confidence . Mr. Yap's role was to ensure the public interests of investors were adequately protected.

Mr. Yap was Head of Corporate Banking/ Chief Internal Auditor of Bank of Commerce Berhad. He was Chairman of Loans Documentation, and Member of the following Committee of Management, Systems, Systems Review & Loans Workout Committee. He represented the Bank at Creditors Steering Committee. The bank was managed by JP Morgan. Mr Yap was trained by JP Morgan as Internal Auditor and as Corporate Lending Banker (1983-1988).

Mr Yap was Corporate Dealer and Corporate Financier at Apex Securities Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia StockBroker subsidiary of Apex Equity Berhad, and completed the AAA Bond Issuance of RM 80 Million, share price rose from RM 3.00 to RM38.40 on 31.03.1994. He also obtained approval in principle for listing of Strawberry Park Resort Berhad from SC and The KLSE Listing Committee in 1994 subject to compliance with revenue target.


Professional Accounting Auditing, Tax and Consulting - Australia,  Malaysia, United Kingdom

In Australia, Mr Yap was engaged as managing principal by Deloitte in Australia for an audit engagement in 2001 and as Chief Financial Officer for a government client (1999-2001).

Mr. Yap originated Accountant's Report for RTO purposes and IPO submissions on ASX, KLSE, NASDAQ, OSLO BORS, HKEX, LSE & OTC

Mr Yap was a professional executive of PriceWaterhouseCooper, EY-HRM (Hanafiah Raslan Mohamad) in Malaysia (1980-1983). He was Branch Manager, HRM Johor. His experience included accounting, tax, consulting, internal auditing and auditing of state economic development corporations, private and public listed companies in banking, automotive, utilities manufacturing, including Multinational companies. He originated the Long Form Report to World Bank in the National Electricity Board of Malaysia. He originated the issuance of the  Accountant's Report for the listing of D&C Bank Berhad in 1982. He issued the Management Audit of ASEA's Subsidiary of Malaysia.

In Malaysia, Mr Yap issued the Accountants Report in respect of Golden Hope Behad's subsidiary company regarding their Business Interruption Loss Claim against AIG, resulted in payout of RM 10 million claim settled out of court for Millions of RM.

In UK, Mr Yap trained and qualified as a member of  The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He was manager at Pitman Cakebread & Company and at H.A. Merchant & Co., both of London, United Kingdom.
In Financial Planning Industry Australia, Mr Yap was a senior legal Authorised Representative of The Salisbury Group Pty Ltd, one of the largest financial planning group with over 300 advisors, was helmed by the Chairman, the  late Professor Tom Valentine (Professor of Banking & Finance) (2000-2013).


Mr. Yap is an alumni of the Victoria Institution in Kuala Lumpur where he was school prefect, House Secretary and  and represented Malaysia in the Combined Schools in Badminton.

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